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Episode: 2
Casters: [personal profile] lunatique (Yue), [personal profile] yue_ix (Yue), [personal profile] emef (emef)
Length: 50 minutes
Summary: We tried to get my cat to voice opinions on language plurality and cultural sensitivity in fanworks, but when that failed, we stepped in.
Tag lines: "Moody week is moody." "Allons-y." "We're pro-diversity - just so we're clear."
Download links: sendspace (46 MB, mp3)
Creator's notes : Yue would like it known that her accent "is a wild beast that I have no control over and [she] shouldn't be held responsible for its actions". Emef would like it known that the topic jumping is a feature, not a bug.

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Hi again!

Welcome to the actual pilot of Fans in a Pod, the blanket fort edition! This is a much more successful attempt than last week, and a much shorter one too.

This week, we exchange short definitions of 'fandom' and dissect how they reflect our views on fandom itself, but also on the perception we expect from people who aren't fannish. We ponder the srs bsn versus the pleasure of squee, and Emef very nicely corrects Yue's horrible English pronunciation for your sake.

The theme of the day is FANDOM and our struggles to explain fandom to people who aren't fannish.

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Thank you for listening! Plans for next week's episode will be an Halloween/All Hallows special.
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Welcome to the pre-pilot of Fans in a Pod! This is our first recording attempt and many things will be changed/fixed in the later episodes.

This week, first we discussed AO3’s announcement about fanart hosting, and lamented the lack of image hosting options for NSFW images. DeviantArt has slash-unfriendly policies and LJ image hosting is sometimes useful as last resort for hosting porny images. In conclusion, plz save us AO3! We look forward to hearing more about fanart hosting!

The theme of the day is PEOPLE WITH WINGS and other animal parts and why are we soo interested with them.

In conjunction, we are talking about cat people and extolling the virtues of Kitty!Charles and Dog!Erik and Cat!McAvoy, which was probably started by Palalife, this talented artist.
Speaking of cat ears, Loveless is a manga where adorable cat people lose their cat-like features should they loose their virginity. Yeah.

[cover IMG HERE]

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Thank you for listening!